This page will document the General procedures for uploading your materials to the web server. This page will not contain the host addresses or passwords required to login. You'll need to get those settings from an email from the instructor.

Click the images for a larger version and notes.

  1. Open Filezilla client. The class tutorials will be in FileZilla.

  2. Find the Site Manager

  3. Click the new site button. Name the site with something memorable.

  4. Enter the credentials that were provided to you. This will be in a secure page on Canvas or by an email directly to you.

  5. Click Connect.

    You will get a security message (at least the first time you connnect), you can trust the class server. You may click the "Always Trust radio button" to skip this next time.

    The top FileZilla field will begin to read-out messages about the connection attempt. You should see directories list on the REMOTE side.

    If the server won't connect, please check the settings in the Site Manager. Common problems include misspellings of the server or the password.

  6. Click CONNECT on the Site Manager once you have entered the settings. After it connects, you will select you local root to display the directory information. Copy this. Select the root on the remote server and copy the remote directory info also

    You will use the directory addresses in the Adv. tab.

  7. It is very important to make sure you are uploading your files to your folder only. Locate the folder the instructor designated for your remote root. This will very likely be folder titled with your name or student ID. The example below show an example folder with a student with the ID tfa525.

    Select the Advanced tab. THis step will make sure that you always connect to the correct folder on the web server.

    In the advanced tab, copy the Local Directory information into the DEFAULT LOCAL DIRECTORY field.

    Locate the DEFAULT REMOTE DIRECTORY field.

    This is where you paste the Remote Directory address you collected in the last step. It will resemble this but with your accounts & folder names:

  8. Now you should be able to log into your webserver folder and easily transfer website files.