interactive electronic art (iea)

FALL2018 course number ART4633C
Meets: MW 08:00 AM - 10:30 AM
bldg/rm: 82/264-264A

instructor: thomas asmuth
instructor office in bldg/rm: 0082 / 0267  
email: tasmuth /at/ u w f . e d u - phone: (850) 474-2998

description: This course will explore electronics, hardware design, human-machine interface, etc. as a viable method and medium for art. The course will focus on learning the basics of electrical theory, design, and the histories of art and technology hybrids. This is a hands-on learning course in which you will work with the modification/adaptation of technology, using sensors, developing interfaces, and programming microcontrollers. Students will additionally examine artists, works, and genres of New Media; including physical computing, electronics, robotics, experimental music, HMI, and product design.


*lab schedules will expand to address project time requirements

Mondays 13:30-15:30
Tuesday 09:00 -10:00
F (online/email, 09:00-10:30
*Subject to change, please check here often.

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