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Repetition, Rhythm, & Patterns


Repetition, Rhythm, & Patterns


Repetition refers to one object or shape repeated; pattern is a combination of elements or shapes repeated in a recurring and regular arrangement; rhythm--is a combination of elements repeated, but with variations.

A core principle of art and design is repetition, which be further broken 3 into categories of repetition, rhythms, and patterns. All of these describe the use of duplicated and varied elements to create characteristics like balance, unity, and dynamism.  

The natural  world is full of the manifestation of patterns and rhythms.

Which in part explains the fascination of mankind in these phenomena. In late 20th century is very common to find primitive shapes used to create repetitions, patterns, and rhythms.


Donald Judd

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Carl Andre:

In recent years artists are experimenting with complexity Rogan Brown and Andy Goldsworthy.