digital multimedia: 3d modeling/digital fab

Participation 30 points

  • Your participation in the class: labs, quizzes, demonstrations, discussions, critiques, or any other events or small assignments that we do during the semester. Here are the first two specific tasks that will be included in this grade:

Setup a Blog

Students will maintain a blog as a sketchbook and public portfolio for the work.

  • Login to your UWF gmail account, navigate to the BLOGGER link, and start a blog exclusively for the materials in this course.
  • You may name the blog whatever you wish
  • you must use the Simple Template (you may customize colors, backgrounds, etc.)
  • email the link to the instructor
  • example:

Set up Google Drive SHARED FOLDER

This semester I would like you to turn in certain materials using Google Drive. You will log-in to your account and set up a shared folder with me.

  • Create a new shared folder in Google Drive.
  • Name with these conventions: lastnamefirstinitial _dmm_sp17
    e.g. Joe Smith will make a folder named smithj_dmm_sp17
  • Share this folder with instructor.
  • Use the message option to notify instructor that the folder is up.
  • Still confused on how to share? See this video

Other assignments that constitute higher value

  • Hello World Post on Blog - make a post! and then...
  • Weekly blog posts- There are multiple weekly assignments record the week’s work. Think of this as your digital sketchbook. Provide an adequate written statement of your achievements for the week. High performing students will make multiple posts per week. Posts of images, videos, and audio need to be high quality in order to demonstrate your craftsmanship and focus.
  • training assignments: The objective of all the training assignments in this course to to give students practical hands-ons introductions to the methods of translating digital/CAD modeling to corporeal form. A mandatory informal critique and reflection session will be held for each assignment. Tentatively I have planned: papercraft, FDM, cardboardcraft, foam object

  • artist presentation Students will give a 5 minute presentation in class on an artist or collaborative group working with hybrids in Art and Science. Presentations may be done as a slide show, PDF, or other document which can be posted in Google Drive. Post a link to you work on the blog. Presentations may use rich media like video but take care that no time based media over 4 min. in length total. Extra points for wearing a during presentation funny hat that you printed yourself. Artists TBA
  • in-progress critique and design sessions - these are group sessions to brainstorm or identify questions about the issues at hand. assignments may be given for groups to study a particular problem or knowledge area and prepare a briefing for the overall course including in-progress critiques to analyze the work-in-progress. Dates to be announced.

Assignment: Reading & Responses 10points

  • You will be assigned texts to read closely and write responses to the material.
    These are additional blog posts.
  • Reading responses should be short form between 500 to 1000 original words. You may quote from the article/writing but, quotes are not to be counted toward word count. Identify and analyze key issues in the text. Students who simply summarize the reading will not receive credit for the entry. Please make attributions as footnotes.

BLOG Entries 15 points

  • Essentially this is your sketchbook. A weekly assignment to cover the week’s lessons and additional blog entries are required to complete for this course.
  • The expectation is that you will keep a regular diaristic account of your work, our workshops, notes, proposals,and media documenting all of your work. EVERY WEEK!
  • Provide extensive documentation of all projects. This will be your portfolio for the semester.
  • You are required to use Blogger with the simple template(unless instructor permission is given). Please make a blog unique to our course and email the address to the instructor. Images, videos, and audio need to be high quality to demonstrate your craftsmanship and focus.

    Please note: Copies of the media created in this course: CAD files, images, video etc. will be turned through Google Drive also, but this doesn't replace the blog entries.

Projects 3 x 15 points

Project 1


  • Students will design a project constructed primarily of paper using the plotting/drag tools on the CNC.
  • The project must include the plot drawing techniques. Each student is limited to 5 sheets of 24 x 36 inch paper. This is a limit of 30 square feet of flat raw materials. The lab will provide drawing paper as a minumum base material, but students are allowed to use any paper they deem necessary with instructor approval.
  • Projects must be fashioned to occupy a three dimensional space. This can be accomplised through a vareity of techinque including but not limited to creasing folding, hanging,
  • Artists may then use any other tools or materials to cut , shape, roll, fasten, connect, join, tint, colorize, or otherwise alter the paper material to achieve a finished product.
  • Techniques of tension and gravirty should be used in order to get the paper to occupy 3D space. Three examples of tension and gravity were demonstrated in the class. Folding is allowed.
  • If the design is to be suspended, students must make arrangements for a space and provide hardware to hang the object. Please see instructor if this is your plan to make arrangements.
  • Project is due September 25 at 2 PM Central Zone.

Project 2

The observation:
The form of chimera is a longstanding cultural construction that asks compelling questions about purity and amorality. While no clear line of demarcation exists on how much mixing is acceptable or orthodox, the hybrids that challenge domains of nature/the immortal have often been expressed as the monstrous. Such as the ignoble origins modern fables like the Orcs of Tolkien's Middle Earth as well as global classical traditions of the Cyclops, Medusa, Fenrir Wolf, etc.

Early allegorical stories about hybridizing of man and (bio)technology are no less extreme;  The story of Daedalus and Icarus maybe framed as an Western Tradition cautionary tale with strange overtones demonstrating acceptable amounts of hybridism. While Daedalus flew to safety in his transformative state, the hubris of Icarus in turn led him to test the limits of his new found powers which resulted in a failure and his death.

While these social cues may lead to a normative society, the ideas of purity have the potential for dark expression such as the Eugenics programs of the 20th century. The century is littered with tragic histories in the pursuit of the perfect (human) specimen. This seems to be a relevant topic even in our new century of bio-tech, genetically modified organisms, computer/hardware based and software based augments.

Hybrids, mash-up, monsters etc. are clearly an affront to the normative and tradition. This suits the ideas of mixture and chimeras as a form of protest. It tests our limits and reveal our frailties. It asks compelling questions about the sanctity of our traditions.

The students are required to make at least 2 Chimeras that will then be saved and produced on the 3D printers. The student may elect to do more than two. Print one with FDM technology and the second with SLA technology.


Research the 3D repositories to find models that can be imported into Meshmixer. Convert files if needed with online conversion tools or see Thomas for assistance.

You will be required to do one 3D scan of an object you bring to the studio. You will incorporate this scan into your final pieces. You may do more than one scan.

Meshmixer is a tool that allows you to quicky merge found mater into new creations as well as sculpt in the tool. Use Meshmixer to collage together CHIMERAS made from found models and 3d scans.

Process these files and schedule a print job with Thomas and the lab monitors.

Retrieve models and trim, sand, polish and clean up. Additional finishes are not required on this project. If the student chooses to paint or finish the project, the project must be dry and complete upon critique. (NO WET PAINT!)


One finished collaged model printed with FDM technology and the second printed with SLA technology.

Project 3

Final Project DMM

Client based project in 3D modeling and fabrication

The last project of the semester will be a client-based competition project. The student will design a prototype for a limited edition 3D model to be used as part of a University of West Florida event for promotions, awards, etc. Students will compete to win one of a limited number of commissions for the project.

The students will meet with the client during a regular class session to discuss the scope, theme, and rationale of the project.

A limited number of students will be chosen by the instructor and the client to as artists for the production of their edition. These winners will receive official recognition of their commission.

Commissioned artists will agree to the production of the edition during the Spring semester, including all cleaning, finishes, paints, and preparations. The number of the edition will be agreed to during client meetings.

Competitors will develop a project proposal as a presentation that will be discussed during an in-progress critique.

Students will be graded on aesthetic, conceptual, and active participation in the prompt and project.

Rome Project notes click for large version


Design Research Poster and Notes
Designers will present an in-progress project proposal for critique on their research. The proposal must thoroughly communicate the conceptual impulses and comparative influences. Publish proposals on blog before deadline. Presentations will be due on date announced in class. Complete proposals will include:

  • a narrative (textual descriptions and ideation, links/embeds to media, images, etc.)
  • a mood board (11 x 17, 300 dpi) to rapidly address aesthetic and conceptual concepts.
    this is an awesome article of mood boards if you are stumped:
  • post mood boards, models, etc. to your shared Google Drive folder